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Numerology by Yves Pflieger - version 10.0

Platform: Windows 10

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professional version NUMENG10:(includes professional licence)

The most comprehensive and elaborate software of numerology and first names for Windows. A professionally designed program to help you to decode the secret aspects of your name and date of birth. Christian names, surname and date of birth are all that are needed to get detailed information on other people's personalities. Take advantage of this outstanding tool to understand your private as well as your professional circles better (firstname vibration, heredity vibration, expression number, desire number, intimate number or hidden character). Also life forecast (life path, cycle, year vibration, month, day), partnership understanding, erotic behavior and possibilities to find the appropriate full name for a newborn.

Eighteen years of passion and hard work

The first version of this software was released in 1995. Today the current version is commercialized in Windows Store.

For whom ?

Numerology is the ideal software for all people eager to have at hand a practical and complete tool which meets their needs. Numerology is also addressed to the numerology lover eager to increase his expertise in this field and rely on precise calculations as well as on complete and rigorous interpretations. The interface of the software was especially designed for non-computer specialists. Print numerological personality analysis, partnership study and forecast report and send these reports by email to your relatives and friends. Numerology by Yves Pflieger is the ideal tool for your profession (numerologist, consultant, human ressource, psychotherapist). During consultation given on your business premises, you could, for instance, use this Numerology software to support your oral consulting and also give your customer a written summary at the end of the session. In the context of a phone consultation, it can be helpful to support your speech. It is also possible to send (paper, email) and sell to your clientele all type of analysis or forecast generated by this program. Download via Windows Store is quick and simple.

Numerological studies of the name and birthdate

The AFDN numerologists working with the author put together individualised personality profiles (25 pages) and prepare your numerological forecasts over a four or twelve months period (110 pages). Based on a person's complete name and their date of birth, these studies bring to light the many different facets of a personality; who we are, what we love, how we behave in situations of conflict, what we want in life and what the major cycles in our life are, ... We can also better identify the deeper meanings in and effects of the main relationships in our lives: children, partners, friends, professional relationships. The readings give a complete overview of the major life cycles including in-depth details on our personal year and even month by month or day by day analyses of things that influence on our personal, love, professional and financial lives.

Numerological studies


 Numerology by Yves Pflieger  professional 
Numerology for Windows gives you a personal interpretation of the 35 components of your full name and date of birth yes
Print all the numerological personality analysis and calendars you wish with the printing font of your choice. More than 500 pages of interpretation !  yes
Plan your near or distant future intelligently with the numerological forecasts of this software. Life, yearly, monthly and even daily forecasts yes
Study the relationship between you and your present or future partner (compatibility of characters, of cycles, partnership duration, ...). Ideal for planning a sentimental or professional meeting ! yes
Not limited to the 26 characters of the English alphabet but take also in account the accented latin letters yes 
Numerological tree, intuitive interactive screens yes
Roots numbers and their signification according to the well-known Tarot yes 
Edit a complete numerological report (25 pages) (see sample) or forecast (106 pages) in format text or in Html format with an impeccable presentation and the possibility to make up reports and forecasts according to your specific requirements yes 
All studied identities can be saved for ulterior consultations yes 
An integrated numerology glossary help yes 
The license allows to generate charts and reports (complete or short). Additional app-in allows you to sell all theses reports. yes! 
You can easily send reports by email yes 
For future parents, this software will automatically find all the Christian names that go well with a family name from a database of 13.250 Christian names ! yes