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Numerology: Glossary   (analysis of your name)

Numerology reveals the subtle correspondence between letters, number and psychology. This glossary gathers the definitions of the terms and basic concepts in numerology. It is provided by Yves Pflieger, as an extract of the Numerology software. All following items are part of his numerology software.

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What characterizes a person the most ? The name of course, as well as the date of birth. There are no people with the same characteristics. You are completely unique. But a name is not only a simple arrangement of letters, it is also an impression, a rhythm, a sort of music.

You don't expect to have the same behavior as other people and you are right. Each name has different vibrations, it's own potential and therefore, a particular impression to which one can be more or less sensitive to.

Numerology allows the understanding of the psychological characteristics contained in each name, by quantifying and studying the hidden music or vibration, thanks to a symbolic letter-number correspondence. Numerology is the science of letters, numbers, cycles, vibrations and symbols giving information on psychology and human behavior. Today, scientists show a growing interest in the use of vibrations and frequencies. Chronobiology, radio, television and x-rays are some examples. Physicians have learnt that material previously thought to be inert, has it's own identity defined by it's internal vibrations. Life is a vibration and all that vibrates has its hallmark.

Numerology needs simply the date of birth and full name. This makes it particularly practical and precise, while often giving a surprising approach to the functioning of the human.

The interest of this science is to bring a good understanding of the vibrations that you will meet during your life, this is so that you can make the most of the advantages and avoid the excesses.

The principal numbers of our social behavior are the Desire Number, Expression Number and the Intimate Number.

Numerological explanation of the basic numbers

1 (corresponding to A, J, S, ç, é, ê, è) is the first number, the beginning of everything. It is upright and proud, like the head of the line, it is masculine (Yang), alone and autonomous. The number 1 is willing, authoritative and has self-confidence... It is the symbol of individuality.

2 After the previous period of assertion, the 2 (corresponding to B, T, K, ö) tries now to maintain the union, looks for collaboration or friendship. 2 forms a couple, a duality. It expresses interiorization, imagination and reproductive power. It is also a little uncertain. It is the symbol of the relationship, the association, it is feminine (Yin), the second pole, a receptor rather than an emitter.

3 After the period of union, the 3 is now the expression of the relationship between 1 and 2, in other words, creation, children, the fruit of their union (C, L, U, ù, û). It is the search for unity, balance in creativity, exteriorization, expression and joy of living. It is the symbol of the trilogy that exists in all civilizations (The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost ; Osiris, Isis and Horus ; Past, Present and Future ; Birth, Life, Death).

4 Symbol of the square, the 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air), the 4 seasons. 4 (letters D, M, V) refers to stability, order, work and concrete action. It is a feminine number, symbolizing the home and it's construction (4 walls). However, this number is a little restrictive in the material area.

5 This number symbolize now a calling, the desire to travel and have adventures out of the house (4). It is the 5 senses that allow one to experiment (letters E, N, W, î, ë). It is the search for the new, for variety and pleasure... 5 is very energetic, has a very lively mind, but is also unstable. Semantically, it incarnates free-will.

6 After the adventure of the 5, the 6 aspires now to calm and comfort (letters F, O, X, ô, ä). It is the number of love, harmony, conciliation and comfort. Graphically it is all curves ; the 6 rounds off the angles. 6 symbolizes flexibility, beauty and a certain attraction for the noble soul. 6 has a family sense, it is generous and wants to give pleasure to the whole world, which can sometimes be complicated. 6 is full of resources and gifted with intuition. The graphic symbol of 6 shows the main circle in the lower part contrary to the 9 and thus indicates an activity more to do with feelings, matter and sensuality rather than the mental.

7 After the state of responsibilities and sentimental harmony, the 7 looks now for wisdom (letters G, P, Y). It's vertical stem which is a little tilted, folds under the weight of it's horizontal mental bar. Contrary to 1, it's stability does not come from being vertical but from it's balance. 7 symbolizes the balance which is necessary between the mental and the deep self, between the Yin and Yang. 7 is not very interested in material things, it likes to adopt an attitude of retreat for it's favorite activity : reflection and seeing things clearly.

8 After the state of wisdom acquisition (7), the 8 wants now to use it's power and intelligence, to confront with the material world in order to achieve great things, to earn money (letters H, Q, Z, ü). Overflowing with dynamism after the semi-retirement in 7, 8 needs a lot of space to be comfortable, to give itself new challenges but also to express it's protective kindness. Contrary to 1 who is ambitious and always ready to belt along, 8 knows how to put itself in the middle of the road, to use the space and control the speed with more maturity than 1. 8 is very powerful in it's success as well as in failures, because it knows how to get back on it's feet very quickly. Besides it's demanding aspects, the bond between the two circles it has graphically, symbolizes difficulties with inner communication, between reason and the heart.

9 is the last figure. It symbolizes outcome (I, R, à, â). In 9 you harvest what you have sewn previously. It's positive aspects are idealism, humanism, with openness on the world (tolerance, new way of life or of thinking) but it can also have moments of inner tension, jolts, breaks, the price to pay after all the previous bad actions. 9 finishes the present cycle and prefigures the following. The 9th month of pregnancy will end gestation and announce the birth of a child. 9 is synonymous with sensitivity and altruism. Graphically, 9 symbolizes a circle in the upper part which indicates an activity supported more in the mind rather than matter area.

From number 10, the theosophical addition gives 10 = 1 + 0 = 1, 12 gives 3 etc. There are 3 exceptions ; 11, 22 and 33 which are master numbers. They have a very powerful vibration and generally they will be lived as 2, 4 and 6.

Letter-Number correspondence

Here comes the correspondence between the letters and the numbers.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  
ö ùû   îë ôä   ü àâ



The numerological reduction, also called theosophical addition, consists of adding the constituent elements of a number superior to 9 or a word. There are exceptions : the Master Numbers (11, 22 and sometimes 33 and 44).

example : 124 = 1 + 2 + 4 = 7

Also see Letter-Number correspondence


Master Number

11, 22 and sometimes 33 and 44 are considered as Master Number according to the rules of Numerology. Although they have a special signification, they can be assimilated to 2, 4, 6 and 8 (their final reduction.)


Secondary Number (root vibration)

The secondary numbers (or hidden root vibrations) are those between 10 and 99 obtained before the final reduction. Secondary numbers between 10 and 78 can also be interpreted according to the rules of Tarot. There are favorable and unfavorable secondary numbers. They are very interesting to study.


Expression Number

This calculation depends on the Letter-Number correspondence. This number is the reduced sum the numerological values of all the letters of the full name. It is important to always study the complete name at birth with all secondary Christian names because they also influence the character. Therefore the maiden name must be used for studies concerning a married woman. It also corresponds to the sum :

Intimate Number + Desire Number

Walter Elias Disney
513259 53911 491557 = 75 = 12 = 3

This is the key value in Numerology. This number represents your potential of expression and contact ; it is also the image that you can give to others (large social circle). You are free to use fully or partially this potential. It is a very important number to grasp the social behavior of a person, to help him orientate himself in his professional life. When the potential of the Expression Number is not used fully, it's the sign of a certain instability that exists on the level of the Intimate Number. In this case, you must first stabilize and strengthen it's base (of the Intimate Number), before being able to develop your natural qualities of expression. Also, the Expression Number allows the analysis of the possibilities of understanding between two people, to evaluate the type of possible relationship between them. This number is calculated by reducing the total of the Numerological values of all the letters of the full name given at birth. To refine this interpretation, it is useful to take the information from the Desire Number into account. In this way a number 1 or 8 Expression Number (naturally hard) will be softened by a Desire Number 2, 6, or 9.


Desire Number

The Desire Number (or Aspiration number) depends of the Letter-Number correspondence. It's value is the reduced sum of the vowels of the full name (given at birth).

Walter Elias Disney
 1  5  5 91   9  57 = 42/6

The Desire Number corresponds to your deep motivations, to that which is important to you. It influences you in your choices and decisions even if you are not always conscious of it. This number is related to your tastes, psychological options or deep emotions. Your Expression Number will be strongly tinted or shaded by your Desire Number. This vibration is calculated by reducing the sum of the vowels of your full name given at birth.

Numbers are not considered as vowels.


Intimate Number

The Intimate Number depends on the Letter-Number correspondence. It's the reduced sum of all the consonants of the full name.

Cindy Crawford
3 54  39 56 94 = 48 = 12 = 3

The Intimate Number, also known as the “ the hidden self ”, is the unconscious base of your personality. It forms a little of the “ keep ” or the main tower of your castle. Through it you search for strength when you feel the need ; particularly in conflicting situations, each time you must confront an important problem or undertaking, when you are tense, tired or when your primordial interests are threatened. At such a time you will stop using the vibration of your Expression Number in order to lean exclusively on your Intimate Number. It is your way of reacting. The Intimate Number's vibration allows one to know the hidden character of the human being, to reveal is behavior, strategy and reactions in cases of problem, tension, stress.

All of your psychological structure rests on the Intimate Number ! Consequently, it is important that it's integrity is preserved from all attacks or the result will be nervousness, anguish and indecision. This number, that becomes significant in adulthood, is calculated by reducing the sum of the consonants of your full name given at birth.

Numbers are not considered as consonants.


First Name Number

This calculation depends on the Letter-Number correspondence.

The first name number is calculated by using all the letters in your first name. This vibration determine our behavior mostly with the family and close friends. Consequently, the explanation of this number applies equally to each person having the same first name. That is why it is necessary to balance or qualify in your mind all other information that applies to you within the realm of numerology when thinking about the psychological impact of this number. It gives supplementary information about the power of expression that you use above all in your family environment and amongst those that associate you principally by your first name.


Heredity Number

This calculation depends on the Letter-Number correspondence. The Heredity Number is the reduced sum of all letters of the surname (family name).

La Fayette
31 6175225 = 32 = 5
2555547 = 33/6

This number reveals the passive part of your possibilities of expression which are common to all the members of your family. It forms the socio-cultural heritage of your family. The interpretation of this family vibration must be approached in a wide sense, because it only possesses a minor impact on the personality. It is calculated from all of the letters of your surname at birth. The secondary number can sometimes give some additional information.


Number of letters

The number of letters in the full name.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy = 21 letters

It is the number of letters making up your first names and surname, at birth. It gives a supplementary influence, although secondary, on your life. In a way it is the aura that your name gives off. If you must chose the name of your child (or your enterprise) don't forget to take it into account ! Also if the length of your first name(s) is longer than your surname, it will favor the affirmation of your individuality. If it is the other way around, the influence of family heritage could be more prominent

Note : Punctuation marks such as commas and exclamation marks are not counted in the number of letters. However, it is sometimes wise (but rare) to consider apostrophes or dashes as a countable letter in the number of letters.



The first letter of your first name is known as the Cornerstone in Numerology.

Claudia Schiffer : Cornerstone is C

It is the first stone of your edifice. On it, the first years of your existence are built, as well as the rest of your life and character. The Cornerstone tells of your aptitudes, your attitudes faced with different experiences. This letter constitutes a foundation element useful to know. If a person has been introduced to you and you just know his or her first name (Christian name) the Cornerstone will be the first thing that will impress your unconscious sensitivity, but it will also give you the first clue about this person.


Christian name selection

In the numerology software the Christian name selection function allows you to find the masculine or feminine names to associate with the surname that you will give in order to obtain the full name with the Expression Number and the Desire number that you wish.

The software will automatically refine the imposed criteria in refusing the Christian names which could give a full name including some negative secondary numbers (unfavorable for the child) for the Desire number, the Expression Number, the Intimate Number or giving a full name which has a negative number of letters (unfavorable).

The name which the search for Christian names holds, can be uniquely the surname but can also contain one or several Christian names (middle Christian names) as well as the surname. This will allow you to decide more easily on the first Christian name that you would like for your child, for example, or the second name(s) necessary to add to the first name you already chose with the surname in order to have the appropriate vibrations and the best root numbers. It is sufficient to write it in the box accompanying your surname and then decide on the final values of the Expression Number and Desire Number. The program will display the middle name(s) that suit it.

When a search has been fruitful, the names found appear in a list. You can double-click in this list to see the values that are associated to them.

Warning :

Some combinations of the Desire Number, Expression Number and Intimate Number are specific of an easily offended personality. Here comes the list, it will help you choosing the right combination matching your need.

Possible bad character :

Desire Nbr 8 8 4
Expression Nbr 8 7 8
Intimate Nbr 9 8 4

Often irritable character :

Desire Nbr 7 8 1 3 8 9 8 8
Expression Nbr 8 9 8 4 2 8 5 1
Intimate Nbr 1 1 7 1 3 8 6 2


Life Path

Life Path is the reduction of the full date of birth. The numerological reduction is made only when the sum is obtained in order to have the right secondary number.

Birth on December 14th 1982
12 + 14 + 1982 = 2008 = 10 = 1

The wrong calculation would be :

1 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 28 = 10 = 1

The right secondary number is 10 (not 28).

Your Life Path which is the reduced sum of your date of birth, gives an important indication on the type of events that you will be regularly confronted with, throughout your life. It isn't possible to skip school, the events always catch up with you, that's why in general one naturally adopts a style compatible with one's Life Path rather than going against the current. Numerology allows you to understand the nature of your route and the events likely to stimulate you. This will allow you the power to adopt the attitude that permits you to sail serenely on the sea of your life without capsizing or getting shaken about. A well-informed man is worth two.

Note : The Life Path does not necessarily indicate the way in which you react when faced with the different situations in your life. In effect, your reaction is mostly based on your assets that are your Intimate number, Expression number and Desire number. The style that one can detect across the Life Path (and possibly your Destiny Number) defines rather your overall behavior on the route that waits for you than your daily attitude (the character defined by your full name).



In Numerology, the life is divided into 3 Cycles: formative, productive, harvest. Each corresponds to the vibration of a particular number and will give a general orientation of a rather psychological nature during the period where it takes place. A Cycle tells us about our tastes, our priorities or centers of interest. As it were for the orientation of our personality and projects during this period. These tastes of course change with the appearance of a new life Cycle. Each of these three Cycles corresponds approximately to 356 lunar months, in other words 28 years and 4 months. The third Cycle or harvest Cycle will last until the end of your lifetime. The passage from one Cycle to the next happens progressively. A certain acclimatization is necessary. This period of acclimatization is marked by a darker color. One could say that Cycle isn't really in place until the beginning of the Personal Year Number 1 which is the closest to the start of a Cycle.

Cycle 1 (formative) : reduced number of the month of birth

Cycle 2 (productive) : reduced number of the day of birth

Cycle 3 (harvest) : reduced number of the year of birth.


Erotic Behavior

The erotic behavior of both partners is based on the Chinese sign (from Chinese-Thai horoscope). It gives information on the erotic behavior of each person.

The horoscope used in China and Thailand functions according to a 12 years cycle. Strictly speaking this isn't Numerology but it can give you a new and interesting approach to your erotic behavior. Also, in discovering the intimate personality of the person that you love and desire, you will understand better how to satisfy his or her most secret desires. The general advises that you are given in this text will help you to guide yourself better in a reflection you will do either alone or with your partner.


Personal Year Number

The Personal Year Number is the reduced sum of :

Day of Birth + Month of Birth + Current Year

example :

Birth date is January 2nd 1970 and current year is 1995.
personal year: 2 + 1 + 1995 = 1998 = 27 = 9

We obtain a Personal Year Number of 9 with a secondary number of value 27.

The Personal Year Number constitutes one of the major vibrations that you will be confronted with during the course of your life. Numerology calculates your Personal Year Number by adding (vertically) your date and month of birth to the current year. In reducing this number we will end up with a figure between 1 and 9. Each year is thus individualized and it is interesting to know this basic element in order to understand the dominant vibration which will always accompany you during this period and in order to help you to chose the best course of action. It is necessary, nevertheless, to keep in mind that dominant vibration does not signify fate or destiny. The explanation of a Personal Year Number is only concerned with the trends that you are going to experience and it gives an indication of how you are likely to react faced with these influences. Free-will is not denied, but the simple fact is, our decision making can be more judicious when we have got a bit of information beforehand.

The Personal Year Numbers 1, 5 and 9, indicate huge changes, indeed the biggest faced with yet ; 4 and 8 are associated with the most evident material and financial difficulties ; as for big losses (theft, trials, friends), they will attach themselves to the numbers 8 and 9. The vibrations 7 and 9 can be linked to periods of inner tension and emotional problems. Personal Year 1, 3 and 5, are in general the most positive numbers. One's love-life can benefit quite well with the positive vibrations of 2, 5 and 6. Without a doubt, your best times are during the years which have a compatible vibration with one of your four principal numbers (Desire Number, Expression Number, Intimate Number and Birthday vibration). To arrive at a good interpretation of your Personal Year Number, it is necessary to look at your present life Cycle (i.e. phase of life and mental orientations) and your Pinnacles (concrete achievements). To complete the interpretation, certain minor elements can also be considered such as Astrological Houses, Passing Letters of the name, Year Essence or Transit.


Personal Month

The Personal Month is the reduced sum of :

Personal Year Number + value of the current month

Each month give you a new vibration included in the major vibration of your Personal Year. This information can be useful to act better in your sentimental, family or professional life. The current month of december will be 3 from 12.


Personal Day Number

The Personal Day Number is the sum of :

Value of the curent day (reduced to 1-9) +  Personal Month Number.

Each day is marked by a different vibration. In consulting the information relative to the day (tendency) and the hourly cycles, you can find the most profitable moments to be successful for an important meeting or interview.


Spiritual Initiation

The Spiritual Initiation is calculated by adding the four fundamental numbers :

life path + expression number + desire number + birthday

If it is easy to understand that the Life Path and Challenges tell us about the nature of our path, the events, the social or material challenges that wait for us ; the Spiritual Initiation is more delicate to apprehend. It is quite an abstract notion which requires a capacity for introspection and an uncommon ability to take a back seat or distance. The Spiritual Initiation is related to the soul and evolution across our successive existences. This number gives an indication of the sense of our present life, the path to follow in order to allow our soul to evolve. A sort of initiatory advance for our inner change. But it is difficult to become aware of it. The Spiritual Initiation gives some indications on how to succeed, as far as “ being ” is concerned, in a dimension where the material and social aspects are no longer important. This is a vibration one feels only in the first part of adulthood. But few people make the effort to go fully in this way due to materialistic concerns or everyday preoccupations.



The philosophy of Karma (or the notion of the weight of past faults) has a lot of followers. This passion can be understood, but from the moment that free-will is rejected, Karma doesn't fill it's role. Here are the two approaches for calculating Karma that are used by certain numerologists. The French association of Numerology does not fully share this approach, but it is up to you to decide whether or not you agree with this philosophy.

First Approach

The first method of calculation consists in considering the numbers lacking in the name as Karma numbers. The Karma numbers are the numbers from 1 to 9 for which there is not a correspondence in the full name.

In this way, if the full name does not have an H, a Q or a Z, the number 8 will be karma for this person. It is also possible to visualize the karma numbers in the inclusion table. Here are the lessons given by each one of these lacking or karma numbers.

Karma 1. This lesson indicates that you must learn to be more individual, to construct a more autonomous personality, to acquire authority and self-confidence. Sport can be a very healthy way of overcoming yourself.

Karma 2. This lesson indicates that you must learn to live as two, collaboration, a certain form of diplomacy, to know how to put yourself in the other's place. This lesson also indicates that you must learn to manage your sensibility and your emotions.

Karma 3. This lesson indicates that you must learn to communicate, to express yourself, to create, in the form that you chose. However, be careful not to fall into an excess of dispersion, gossiping or boastfulness.

Karma 4. This lesson indicates that you must learn to apply yourself with regularity in your work, to finish what you start and to be persevering at work without becoming a maniac.

Karma 5. This lesson indicates that you must learn to manage your freedom, especially when it concerns your senses. Enrich yourself with experiences without getting carried away by them.

Karma 6. This lesson indicates that you must learn to cherish beauty, harmony, a certain gentleness and spread this around, but also assume your responsibilities and obligations.

Karma 7. This lesson indicates that you must learn to raise yourself spiritually in order to be conscious of the essential values of life. Reflection, generosity and a certain height of mind must be your guides in this life.

Karma 8. This lesson indicates that you must learn to understand the values of money and power, neither rejecting them or adoring them, but using them for noble and healthy goals.

Karma 9. This lesson indicates that you must learn a certain form of universality, a raised mind which makes you aware of the relativity of things and the vanity of men. Generosity and altruism will be your main words.

Second Approach

The second approach consists in considering certain secondary numbers (13, 14, 16, 19) issuing from the Desire Number, the Expression Number or the Intimate Number as karma or karmic debts. Karmic numbers all have two sides, both weakness and strength, difficulties and possibilities, punishment and reward. These are the numbers of lessons. A lesson not taken up calls for a punishment, a lesson well learnt brings a reward. These numbers are a little like springs or spirits, you must break them open well in order to get to their potential power. According to their place, these numbers give particular information :

Found in the Desire Number, they can create obstacles in the affective achievement of the individual ; in the Expression Number, they can disturb the professional or social life of the individual ; in the Intimate Number, they disturb growth of the personality ; in the birth date, life path or destiny number, it is your entire life that can be marked by this debt for as long as you have not assimilated and understood the specific lesson. Don't forget that you can transform these debts into rewards. Only those who pass a test can win the laurels.

You can visualize the secondary numbers in the General Calculation.

Karmic debt 13, it is a number 4 (1+3), so it concerns work and stability. It can bring difficulties, even breaks at work. It lets you suppose that you have neglected your work in a previous life or that you have let others do it. However, these difficulties, these possible breaks are the occasion to start again, to reconstruct and to be reborn. 13 is both the 1, the man and the 3, the number of expression, the number of achievement and creation. 13's debt is paid by assuming tasks, without unloading them onto others, in creating and achieving through order and discipline. Those who have karmic debt 13 can be put off by domestic work and at one moment or another during life will be afraid of death or not being able to do everything that they want to do in life.

Karmic debt 14, 1 and 4, it is always the man (1) with balance, who faces work, has discipline and stability (4). The man (1) who loses balance (4) and abuses his liberty (5=1+4). This freedom can be used badly due to an unconscious memory of good living. The 14 leaves one to suppose that in a past life, personal freedom was used and abused, as well as sexuality and sensuality. So you probably made others suffer your abuses. The cracking of 14 can be provoked in the body as far as the expression of the senses are concerned or perhaps in the affective area according to the place of this number in your theme. Situated in the Desire Number, 14 can promise love stories with a sad ending. Situated in the Expression Number, 14 can bring disappointments and breaks, materially and physically. Situated in the Intimate Number, the life path, the destiny number or the birthday vibration, 14 can foresee breaks to do with those around you (home, family, love, friends, social position). The debt on 14 is paid by learning to govern your personal freedom, managing your sensual and sexual excesses, re-learning your limits, in order to avoid bodily punishment... Although very harsh, this lesson is relatively easy. It is easy to understand that if you eat too much chocolate, problems with the liver are not far away, that if your diet consists of drugs and alcohol, the consequences are obvious. Today, having multiple or abusive sexual relationships has other risks that we have all come to know... Anyway, every lesson is a personal affair, it is up to you.

Karmic debt 16, 1 + 6, this is the man (1) faced with responsibilities (6), it is the man faced with love and harmony (6)... This number tells the story of a man who, in a preceding life, would have had lovers doing wrong around him, either to his children or to his partner, to the partner of his lover or mistress. The man with this number could have abandoned his children, his family in a past life in order to be loved. The only way to understand the hurt that we might have caused others, is to live it ourselves. In this way, this debt brings affective difficulties, difficulties to do with love, children and the family. 16's debt can be paid by looking for real and wise love, in sublimating affective difficulties, in looking for the means to evolve spiritually, in trying to meet others at the level of values, artistic or philosophical. Found in the Desire number, 16 can let one reckon on a marriage which ends in divorce. In the Life Path, Destiny number, Intimate Number or Birthday vibration, 16 can lead to breaks of all sorts, family situation as well as social or professional.

Karmic debt 19, 1 and 9, this is the man facing himself and others... Having this number in your theme lets one suppose that in a past life, you used your authority and power over others. You were arrogant and egoistic, you used others to give yourself more value. 19's debt is paid by respecting others, being tolerant and managing your ego. Man must not use others to build himself up, rather, he must serve others to give himself value, to achieve and to be respected ! Situated in the Desire Number, 19 lets one foresee that your secret thoughts will be read like a book. Situated in the Expression Number, 19 can let one foresee harsh and difficult moments. Situated in the Intimate Number, life path, destiny number or birthday vibration, 19 can let one foresee a dispersed personality, losses of time and wasted energy, anyway, this number makes you start again, get going again, and reconstruct from a new understanding.


Eccentricity Number

The Eccentricity Number is the reduced sum of :

First Name Number + Day of Birth

This number brings interesting but secondary information compared to the others important Numerological vibrations. This number describes your type of reaction and strategy when faced with life's events (unpleasant or serious) that would throw you off balance. It is the reduced sum of your First Name Number (the total of the letters of your first name) and your day of birth.


Numerological studies of the name and birthdate

The AFDN numerologists put together individualised personality profiles (25 pages) and prepare your numerological forecasts over 4 or 12 months (30 to 110 pages). Based on a person's complete name and their date of birth, these studies bring to light the many different facets of a personality; who we are, what we love, how we behave in situations of conflict, what we want in life and what the major cycles in our life are. We can also better identify the deeper meanings in and effects of the main relationships in our lives: children, partners, friends, professional relationships. The readings give a complete overview of the major life cycles including in-depth details on our personal year and even month by month or day by day analyses of things that influence on our personal, love, professional and financial lives.

Numerological studies

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